Antiparos Island

Following a busy winter and spring, it is time for theMandolinTuner to enjoy the famous Greek islands. Off we go, together with HoneyEyes to Antiparos!

Alexandra arriving at Antiparos

The team is not complete without the first ever mandolin student of theMandolinTuner! Fresh from her first year in the UK, Alexandra is ready to relax and enjoy the beautiful Greek sunsets!

Antiparos Sunset

This is my favorite hour! I am having a nice sorbet ice cream, I am sitting by the sea, and I am waiting to enjoy the sunset “show”. Here it comes!!!

After sunset

This is when the sunset colors are better than any Instagram filter! Speechless, I am enjoying every minute and I am taking tens of pictures, all of them gorgeous. Apologies, you get to see only two of them 🙂

Antiparos boats resting

Another day, another adventure! Today was a big day, as we rented a boat and enjoyed the secluded beaches, not accessible by car. All these boats have done the same…

HoneyEyes peaches

A big beach and sweet summer peaches! Does it get any better? Big smiles from Honey Eyes that enjoys every minute.

Antiparos moon

Did I forgot to mention? Today the moon is full. Isn’t it romantic?

Enjoy your summer vacations!

theMandolinTuner from Antiparos