My name is Richard and I am an Australian designer and maker of mandolins. I live with my partner in a small coastal town in Tasmania and work at home.
The mandolin family of instruments produce beautiful music. Building and designing them is a source of great pleasure.
Combining my designs with the Tasmanian timbers has resulted in producing instruments with a unique sound.

Richard Morgan Instruments

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A Luthiers Journey

Here is a series of articles written by Richard Morgan, describing his journey as a maker. Enjoy!

  • Richard Morgan Floating Soundboard

Thank god for luggage handlers

Watching the plane next to ours being loaded It became clear how and why musical instruments often turn up damaged. The acoustic bass guitar which I created in 2009 did not survive the flight [...]

  • Radiant Instrument Necks

Radiant Instrument Necks and Neck Joins

Christos: It's been a while since I published the last post by Richard, so I was very happy to receive this article, which provides insight in the importance of radiant instrument necks for the produced [...]