MandolinARTE – Plucked Strings Orchestra of Athens

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Project Description

MandolinARTE is the Plucked Strings Orchestra of Athens.

With it’s first CD, MandolinARTE presents a travelogue in the art of mandolin from Renaissance to today through the works of famous or not so famous composers. Music works from the repertoire of Baroque , Classic Era, Romanticism or later, coloured with the unique sound of mandolin and the orchestra of “Plectrum Strings”.

MandolinARTE CD- Listen to the music

MandolinARTE CD

Recorded: Summers of 2014 & 2015


Instrument Performers
Mandolins Yannis Rizos (ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ ΡΙΖΟΣ)
Lampis Mitsiakis (ΛΑΜΠΗΣ ΜΗΤΣΙΑΚΗΣ)
Andreas Parginos (ΑΝΔΡΕΑΣ ΠΑΡΓΙΝΟΣ)
Dimitris Rizos (ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ ΡΙΖΟΣ)
Dorin Laskaridou (ΝΤΟΡΙΝ ΛΑΣΚΑΡΙΔΟΥ)
Dora Tsilika (ΝΤΟΡΑ ΤΣΙΛΙΚΑ)
Mandolas Tasos Apostolou (ΤΑΣΟΣ ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΟΥ)
Ariadni Hayer (ΑΡΙΑΔΝΗ ΧΑΓΕΡ)
Christos Rizos (ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ ΡΙΖΟΣ)
Guitar Costas Bouropoulos (ΚΩΣΤΑΣ ΜΠΟΥΡΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ)
Cello Stayros Parginos (ΣΤΑΥΡΟΣ ΠΑΡΓΙΝΟΣ)
Double Bass Eugen Bratouska (ΕΥΓΕΝΙΟΣ ΜΠΡΑΤΟΥΣΚΑ)


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When you are celebrating your birthday with a concert!

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A picture I saw today while doing some work at my computer, reminded me of my birthday happening that took place in March 2016, while touring with MandolinARTE and the great Greek singer, Alkistis [...]

4Jan, 2017

The Concerto, M. Hadjidakis by MandolinARTE – TV131

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Gioconda's Smile  is one of the most famous albums by Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis. It is considered one of the classic albums of 20th-century music in Greece. The album was recorded in New York [...]

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I love Cyprus! (Performing at Ancient Kourio)

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It is summer time! And summer time is great for giving concerts in open theatres, especially in Greece and Cyprus! Following a rehearsal during a hot day in June (an adventure that I described here) I flied to [...]

5Mar, 2015

Just Gave a Concert with MandolinArte in Creta and I really enjoyed it #2- the concert

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Beginning of February I travelled to Chania, Creta to give a concert with Mandolinarte, the Mandolin Orchestra I play octave mandolin with. In my previous post, I described how the concert was arranged, rehearsals, photo [...]

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