I am a proud member of MandolinARTE, playing the Octave Mandolin and Liuto Cantabile since 2013. MandolinARTE vision is to present internationally the mandolin as a soloist instrument and the mandolin orchestra as an independent stand-alone orchestra with unique repertoire and sound.

MandolinARTE is now famous in Greece, after it was invited in 2015 to present a series of concerts together with one of Greece’s most respected and famous singers, Alkistis Protopsalti.

Mandolinarte repertoire

MandolinARTE repertoire consists of a travelogue in the art of mandolin from Renaissance to today through the works of famous or not so famous composers. Music works from the repertoire of Baroque , Classic Era, Romanticism or later, coloured with the unique sound of mandolin and the orchestra of “Plectrum Strings”.

MandolinARTE was formed in 1994, as Plectrum Strings Orchestra of Athens and was renamed (re-branded) as MandolinARTE in 2015.

The Orchestra has numerous performances in Greece, in theatres like Peiraous Municipality Theater, Holargos Municipality Theater, sites like Marathonas, Sounio, Acropolis, Plaka and various festivals but has also been invited to perform abroad.


The members of the orchestra are well known musicians that are active artistically, giving recitals in Greece and abroad, performing with Symphonic Orchestras, participating in various recording productions and cooperating with artists from the Greek and International repertoire. As members of the Classical Mandolin Orchestra of Athens they were awarded the 1st prize in the International Competition of Plectrum Instruments in Julich Koslar in Germany at 1998, under the direction of Michalis Veidirlis.