There are nine positions (ways, variants etc.) to play the F# (or Gb) minor chord on the mandolin.

In this article you can find the most common F# or Gb minor chord positions – displayed on the slideshow above, fingered for your convenience. If you need help to understand how to play them, you will find step-by-step instructions at the middle of this article. Finally, the article closes with a chord chart for future reference, feel free to print it.

What is a F#/Gb minor Chord?

The F#/Gb minor chord consists of the following three notes:

  • The root, F# (Gb)
  • The third, A (Bbb)
  • The fifth, C#(Db)

Here you can see F# minor written on a staff paper:

F#minor on sheet paper

Here you can see Gb minor written on a staff paper.

Gb minor on staff

These two chords look different on staff but they sound exactly the same.

If you want to understand more on chords theory, i.e. how they are constructed, check out the following popular article I have written some time ago: Understanding Chords Theory.


Playing the F#/Gb minor chord on the mandolin

F#(Gb) minor
This is how you place your left hand on the fretboard to play this chord:

  • Index finger (barre) on 2nd fret of fourth string.
  • Index finger (barre) on 2nd fret of first string
  • Third finger on 4th fret of third string.
  • Little finger on 4th fret of second string.
Note that because the first note is A (Bbb), we call this chord F#/A (Gb/Bbb), meaning that this is a F# (Gb) 7th first inversion, with the first note being A (Bbb).

F#/Gb minor Mandolin Chord Variants

As with all chords, there are many variants of the F#/Gb minor chord for the mandolin. I have included nice-looking photorealistic descriptions of the common ones on top of this article for your convenience. Nevertheless, if you want to explore more, see below a Chord Sheet that presents all nine variants for you to practice.

F#Gb Minor Chord Sheet

Call to action

Ok, it is now time to practice. Grab your mandolin and try to play the F#/Gb minor chord variants slowly at the beginning and then fast!



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