There are ten positions (ways, variants etc.) to play the F# or Gb 7th chord on the mandolin.

In this article you can find the most common F# or Gb 7th chord positions – displayed on the slideshow above, fingered for your convenience. If you need help to understand how to play them, you will find step-by-step instructions at the middle of this article. Finally, the article closes with a chord chart for future reference, feel free to print it.

What is a F#/Gb 7th Chord?

The F#/Gb 7th chord consists of the following four notes:

  • F# (Gb), which is the root
  • A# (Bb), which is the 3rd
  • C# (Db), which is the 5th
  • E (Fb), which is the 7th

Here you can see it written on a pentagram:

F#Gb7th on the pentagram


If you want to understand more on chords theory, i.e. how they are constructed, check out the following popular article I have written some time ago: Understanding Chords Theory.


Playing the F#/Gb 7th chord on the mandolin

This is how you place your left hand on the fretboard to play this chord:

  • Second finger on 3rd fret of fourth string.
  • Index finger barre on 2nd fret of third and first string
  • Third finger on 4th fret of second string.
Note that because the first note is A# (Bb), we call this chord F#/A# (Gb/Bb), meaning that this is a F# (Gb) 7th, with the first note being A# (Gb).


For your Reference

If you feel like learning how to play F# (Gb) on every possible position on the mandolin, see below a Chord Chart diagram for your reference.

F#Gb 7th Chord Chart



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