Do you think that giving concerts with orchestras is fun? Well, you are right, but you may not know what the real fun is. To me, it is the time you spend with the members of the orchestras during rehearsals but especially after the concert, when everybody is relaxed.

To prove it, here is what happened after the concert we gave with Mandolinarte at Chania, Creat on 14th of February 2015.


First we went to have dinner at a very nice restaurant at Chania serving original food from Creta and most importantly authentic drinks, Raki.

We drank only water and we were very serious. Not.


Mandolinarte at Chania port

The next morning, before taking the boat back to Athens, we had time for a nice walk around Chania. The sun was shining and the town was beautiful.


Old port of Chania

The old port is so nice, and quiet during February. A real joy! (Picture: Kostas Bouropoulos)


Old boat at Chania

It was 14th of February, but the weather was just lovely.


And here we are, enjoying our free time.



And then it was time to go. Back to Athens, but I still dream that I am walking around Chania old port, smiling and enjoying the lovely weather and the time with my friends from MandolinArte.