Jacob do Bandolim – André de Sapato Novo – tMt TV #95

Jacob do Bandolim – André de Sapato Novo – tMt TV #95

Nothing can beat the original! “André de Sapato novo”, composed by Andre Victor Correia and performed by the Brazilian mandolin hero, Jacob do Bandolim. Let’s Dance!



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I am a High School student in Greece, enjoying sun, sea and playing soccer and basketball with my friends. I love music and maths, and I am studying classical guitar and music theory at the Greek National Conservatoire and mandolin with my dad (guess you know that from the lessons!) My favourite piece of music is Fuga y Misterio, written by Astor Piazzola and performed by Avi Avital and hie friends! I am helping my dad writing posts for theMandolinTuner magazine about mandolin artists and orchestras, and it is great fun!

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