Introducing Guitarte

The core of the ensemble is 6 guitarists:

These six musicians have been collaborating with musical ensembles (mainly guitar) for years and their paths crossed in their early student years in common artistic explorations.

Their common starting point being the guitar.

They have completed their guitar studies, music theory and musical composition – at recognized music schools and have studied with distinguished teachers.

The objective of this open – not schematically set – musical ensemble is the modulation of orchestrational dynamics in performance, interpretation of music using the same instrument (the guitar), without losing the volume, harmony, harmonic amplitude, in conclusion, without altering the way in which the guitar is played as a solo instrument.
To make new pieces known to the public, pieces written with the above mentioned in mind, while at the same time to arrange music in such a way that brings out the special features of the instrument.
The guitarte  musical ensemble is open and flexible as regards the number of performers and repertoire, performing together with other instruments, as well as incorporating other forms of art, aiming to produce complex musical performances (in concert form), capable of stimulating musicians’ creativity as well as meeting the needs of the modern public.


Guitarte Videos