Update (28/Apr/2016): A very user friendly multi-instrument tuner from proguitar.com has been embedded with license from the respective site.

This online tuner is very intuitive and can also detect pitch based on Adobe Flash technology (you need your browser to support Flash to work). All you need to do, is:

  • To use the microphone Press “Allow” in the Adobe Flash Player Settings. If this does not work you can tune by ear pressing the respective buttons.
  • Click on the vertical Instrument selection box (by default it says Standard Guitar – standard).
  • Select the instrument you are tuning. Note for mandolin tuning you need to select the Violin, as the Mandolin instrument strings are wrong!
  • Pluck the string you are tuning, and tighten or loose the corresponding tuning peg until the indication is correct

In case the microphone is not working, try tuning by ear!

  • Press the button (G, D, A, E) to hear the reference sound for the selected string pairs.
  • Use your ear to match the sound of your mandolin string to the sound you hear from the Online Mandolin Tuner.
  • If there is no match, you need to use a tuning peg to tighten or loose your string.
  • To identify which tuning pegs to use for the string you picked, check the image below.

Tuning How-To (more details)

I usually start with the G string pair (thickest), and continue with the other pairs (D, A, E) till the mandolin is fully tuned:

  • Identify the G strings and G tuning pegs using the image slideshows above. Note you can play and pause the slide show and even manually go to previous or next images
  • Pick one of the G strings of the pair, and try to match the tuner.
  • Tighten or loosen the corresponding G tuning peg, till you have a match.
  • Repeat for both strings of each pair (G, D, A, E)
Note: If you turn one tuning peg of the pair and the sound does not change, stop turning to avoid breaking the string. You are possibly turning the wrong peg. Please try the other peg of the pair!

Here is a figure that explains the tuning pegs.
mandolin head


If you have reached here, it probably means you have tuned your mandolin! I am so happy for you! Thank you so much for spending your time trying my online mandolin tuner and instructions.

Please leave me a message to inform me how much time it took you to tune your mandolin.

If you did not manage to tune it, also leave me a message describing your experience, and also check other posts below:



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