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Hi, I’m Chris!


I’m a Greek musician, sharing my mandolin  adventures and discoveries

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What is Chris working on?

A Luthier’s Journey

Richard Morgan is a maker (luthier) from Australia and a member of theMandolinTuner community. From the moment that Richard joined theMandolinTuner we started exchanging e-mails and I was very happy to read about his work, especially as Richard mandolins (and mandolas, mandocellos, etc.) are truly innovative, featuring a unique sound-board design and lots of other innovations as well.

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Chords Database

864 Fingered Chord Diagrams!

Playing chords with the mandolin is easy! If you are new to this,  check the “Beginner? Start Here” section below to see how to play easy two-fingered or three fingered chords! Otherwise, you can access the by far biggest online mandolin chords database, to find how to play any chord you can imagine.

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Contemporary Artists

I am creating a database of contemporary mandolin artists from all over the world.

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Mandolin Orchestras

I am creating a database of mandolin orchestras from all over the world.

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Mandolin Heroes

I am creating a database of mandolin heroes, i.e. famous mandolin artists that have passed away.

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Mandolin Videos Library

I am creating an online mandolin videos library, that are a great source of inspiration and motivation!

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Recently Added Artists

  • Jonathan-Bélanger

Jonathan Belanger

  • Natalia Marashova

Natalia Marashova

  • Detlef Tewes

Detlef Tewes

  • Mark M. Davis

Mark M. Davis

  • steffen-trekel

Trekel Steffen

  • ferdinand binnendijk

Ferdinand Binnendijk (1991 – )

  • Sam Bush

Sam Bush

  • marilynn-mair

Marilynn Mair


Recently Added Videos

  • Nightclub 1960 Astor Piazzolla, Duo Tewes & Gerstmeier

    Nightclub 1960 Astor Piazzolla, Duo Tewes & Gerstmeier

    From "Histoire du Tango" Nightclub 1960 by Astor Piazzolla, played by Detlef Tewes (Mandolin) & Frank Gerstmeier (Guitar) from the CD "Together again". A great virtuoso and musician , Mr Tewes plays that effortlessly. Discography [...]

  • Jacob do Bandolim – André de Sapato Novo

    Jacob do Bandolim – André de Sapato Novo

    Nothing can beat the original! "André de Sapato novo", composed by Andre Victor Correia and performed by the Brazilian mandolin hero, Jacob do Bandolim. Let's Dance!   Discography Videos and other [...]

  • Libertango, A. Piazzolla Live: Annecy

    Libertango, A. Piazzolla Live: Annecy

    Nov Mandolin, a Mandolin Ensemble consisting of two mandolins, two guitars and two mandolas performs Libertango, an all time favorite from Astor Piazzolla. Enjoy! Discography Videos and other related articles [...]

  • Jacob do Bandolim – Vibrações (1967)

    Jacob do Bandolim – Vibrações (1967)

    A beautiful composition by Jacob do Bandolim. Sensitive, romantic music, creating images in my mind like "dawn in a summer day, crickets singing, kids are happy, parents can relax, and young couples are getting ready [...]

  • Jacob do Bandolim – Doce de coco (chorinho – 1951)

    Jacob do Bandolim – Doce de coco (chorinho – 1951)

    Doce de coco is a beautiful piece of music composed by Jacob do Bandolim. It is not of great difficulty both rythically and technically, so it can server as a great entrance point to the [...]


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