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I’m a Greek musician, sharing my mandolin  adventures and discoveries

A Luthier’s Journey

Richard Morgan is a maker (luthier) from Australia and a member of theMandolinTuner community. From the moment that Richard joined theMandolinTuner we started exchanging e-mails and I was very happy to read about his work, especially as Richard mandolins (and mandolas, mandocellos, etc.) are truly innovative, featuring a unique sound-board design and lots of other innovations as well.

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Chords Database

864 Fingered Chord Diagrams!

Playing chords with the mandolin is easy! If you are new to this,  check the “Beginner? Start Here” section below to see how to play easy two-fingered or three fingered chords! Otherwise, you can access the by far biggest online mandolin chords database, to find how to play any chord you can imagine.

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Online Mandolin Tuner, with instructions

Update (28/Apr/2016): A very user friendly multi-instrument tuner from has been embedded with license from the respective site.

This online tuner is very intuitive and can also detect pitch based on Adobe Flash technology (you need your browser to support Flash to work). All you need to do, is:

  • To use the microphone Press “Allow” in the Adobe Flash Player Settings. If this does not work you can tune by ear pressing the respective buttons.
  • Click on the vertical Instrument selection box (by default it says Standard Guitar – standard).
  • Select the instrument you are tuning. Note for mandolin tuning you need to select the Violin, as the Mandolin instrument strings are wrong!
  • Pluck the string you are tuning, and tighten or loose the corresponding tuning peg until the indication is correct

In case the microphone is not working, try tuning by ear!

  • Press the button (G, D, A, E) to hear […]
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